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"We Used to Shoot Whales, Now We Shoot Movies"

The Great Southern Film Co-Operative, founded by author and filmmaker Adam Morris, unites individuals, businesses, and arts patrons across Western Australia in their shared commitment to nurturing independent Australian cinema.


With the goal of producing one film annually for the next decade, the Co-Op has garnered substantial support since its inception, notably from Bendigo Bank Albany, The Hilton Hotel, Stirling Ranges Beef, Ian Hale of HALO Films and ongoing collaboration with Little Fort Productions for film production and post-production services.

​The Great Southern Feature Film Co-Op actively engages individuals, businesses, and arts patrons from across WA in contributing to the realization of Adam Morris's independent feature films. These projects operate autonomously from government funding, relying entirely on the generous support of the Great Southern Co-Op community. Functioning as a community-driven initiative, the Co-Op collaborates with local businesses and arts communities, spotlighting the cultural richness and scenic beauty in and around Albany. This collaborative effort ensures that films are created independently of government funding, sustained solely by the contributions of dedicated supporters. Driven by a commitment to growth and community impact, the Co-Op channels its efforts into community screenings, promoting on-screen representation, empowering the next generation of local filmmakers through skill-building programs, and showcasing local facilities and talent. Contributions from businesses offering financial or in-kind support, as well as one-time donations from individuals, are warmly welcomed to play a pivotal role in portraying and celebrating the local community on-screen.


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Bruce Manning

Richard Lewis and Michelle Johnston

Kom Siripun

Caron Gaske

Shayne and Jason Campbell

Lyn and Michael Sykes

Deborah Birch

Karen Cook and Sam Barron

George and Susan Corke

John Saville-Wright

Lochie Cameron

Crispin Travers

Samaele Haele

Janet McArtney

Suzanne Worner

Ian Hale

Saira Spencer

Michael Paver

Jen Bane

Amanda Cruse

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