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Films written & directed by Adam Morris


(in pre-production)

Adam’s third feature film in Albany is a dark comedy, Australian crime thriller in the style of The Godfather meets The Castle meets Fargo. 


Jimmy and Harry Burke have a problem. Their lawn rolling business is going under and the business loan they secretly took out using their mother’s home as equity is being called in. If they don’t come up with 90k by the end of the month they’re all out on the street. They only have one option… call Freddy.

Starring Peter Rowsthorn, Myles Pollard, Travis Jeffery and Trevor Jamieson

We're in the final stretch of securing our funding, and every contribution counts. If you're interested in becoming a producer, kindly make a donation and provide your full name for inclusion in the credits as you'd like it to appear.

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(or The Valley and the Walrus: Ruminations on the Mystery from Soup to Nuts)

Adam’s second feature film, with all locations filmed in and around Albany.


Deep in a midlife crisis Frank (Myles Pollard), a faith and financial influencer on the edge of divorce, finds himself befriending Frank (Trevor Jamieson), a happily separated carpenter and artist who enjoys life. As their friendship grows and the two men start sharing stories Frank (Pollard) has to face up to his uncertain future…

Starring Myles Pollard and Trevor Jamieson

2023 WA Screen Culture Awards nominees: Narrative Feature Film Under $1M and Best Performance by Myles Pollard

Nominations & Awards

more than I should (12).jpg


Adam's first feature film.The film has drawn comparisons to Alexander Payne's "Sideways", Antonioni's "L'avventura" and Bruce Beresford's "Tender Mercies".


Edward and Isabella follow a young couple's getaway to the country to decide whether to stay together or end their relationship.

Starring Daniel Barwick, Renato Fabretti, and Chloe Hurst

Nominations & Awards

2022 WA Screen Culture Awards: Best Feature Film Under $1M 2022 Prague International Film Festival: Best Feature Film 2022 Swedish International Film Festival: Best Feature Film 2022 Naples International Film Awards: Best Feature Film 2022 Tokyo Film Awards: Best Director 2022 Paris Film Awards: Best Indie Film

Official Selection

2022 Montreal Independent Film Festival 2022 Naples International Film Festival 2022 8½ Film Festival of Rome 2022 Symbiotic Film Festival Ukraine 2023 Cinefest Oz 2023 WA Made Film Festival 2023 Perth International Film Festival

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