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Bird has just been picked up for a German translation by Edition Nautilus Press in Hamburg for a 2024 release.

"Powerful and Impressive"

Henry Reynolds

"Australian fiction needs more stories like this; honest and fierce and intensely human."

David Whish-Wilson

"This is gruelling book, much of it set in a prison, full of horror, madness and dark humour. You will learn about people who live in the hell that is society’s underbelly, home to folk you have never met and pray you never do. Morris does not spare the reader, and neither should he, because we are all complicit - the rot at our core is a collective responsibility. Bird is a must read."
Jon Doust

"I found this novel deeply, deeply unsettling, confronting and outrightly difficult to deal with, it is a work of great significance for the Reconciliation process and for Australian literature."
Van Ikin

"This is confronting, brutal and honest storytelling. The tension through every page is tightly wound and no word is wasted. Bird is a gripping and thought provoking read for those who like their tales gritty, well researched and true, it is an important work."
Deborah Crabtree, Books and Publishing

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