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Author | Musician | Filmmaker

Dr Adam Morris, a versatile creative based in Albany, Western Australia, boasts a diverse background as an author, musician, and filmmaker. Originally hailing from Dublin, he received his upbringing and education in Perth before making the move to Albany a decade ago. Currently, Morris serves as an educator at the University of Western Australia while simultaneously pursuing his passion for storytelling through fiction and filmmaking. His latest novel Bird has has just been translated into German by Edition Nautilus Hamburg, translated by Conny Losch (Power of the Dog).

During his formative years, Morris immersed himself in the cinematic landscape, exploring the works of masters such as Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Altman and Mike Leigh. Additionally, he delved into the timeless classics of European art-house cinema, a source from which he gleaned the art of captivating audiences with the most straightforward yet profound storytelling techniques.

Be a part of The Great Southern Film Co-Op

The Great Southern Film Co-Operative, founded by author and filmmaker Adam Morris, unites individuals, businesses, and arts patrons across Western Australia in their shared commitment to nurturing independent Australian cinema. 

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